Games can make learning fun, engaing and fail-safe

You can download the games by following these instructions.
--Before that make sure you have registered and verified your email--

Step 1: Download app on Android - Available Now and download from Google Play on iOS - Available Now and download from App Store

Step 2: Download the 3 games

  1. Once you have installed it, please click the app.
  2. Please log in with your user credentials (e-mail and password) as registered in this site or given by your Malvern School
  3. Click on OUP Game or listed Games (It will say: Game requires download). To download the game, click the Download button at the bottom right corner.
  4. When done, the words "Game is ready to play" will appear. Click Start at the bottom right corner.
  5. The description for the first chapter will appear, click Play Now.
  6. Welcome to the game world! To navigate, use your thumbs to move the characters forward, left, back or right.
  7. Tap on conversations to continue.